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Alicante Treasure Hunt

Alicante Spain Team Treasure Hunt

Alicante Team Treasure Hunt

Alicante has for many years laboured in the shadows of Spain´s other great cities – after years of decline it has in recent years made a dramatic turnaround to being a favoured destination for congresses and team offsite meetings.

In fact Alicante has nearly 3,000 years of history to draw upon for treasure and scavenger hunts in its remarkable old town.

In those 3 millennia Alicante has seen its fortunes rise and fall – Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Visigoths, Moors and Christians have all left their mark that today forms part of vibrant Alicante life.

The old town of Alicante is the perfect place for a Team Treasure Hunt. The teams need to navigate the routes and overcome the challenges which are themed for the city´s culture, history and gastronomy – as well as a few local legends and some “pop up” surprises to keep the teams on their toes!

We start at a central meeting point where we have the activity briefing and hand out materials to the teams – who then go to their unique start points and first challenges. Its a fun and memorable activity for teams to self discover Alicante´s many hidden gems as well as a great teambuilding day for all to participate in. The final destination can be a tavern or tapas bar for refreshments and winning team prizes

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