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Valencia Treasure Hunt

Valencia Team Treasure Hunt

Valencia has it all – history, culture, great gastronomy, blue skies, warm people as well as everything a  modern vibrant city needs.

Its charming old town, the aptly named “Ciutat Vella” or beautiful town dates to the Romans with impressive monuments, churches and wonderfully restored narrow pedestrian streets for the perfect place for a Team Treasure Hunt.

The city of the legendary ” El Cid” has so much to offer and draw upon for a memorable team activity. We offer different versions of our Old City Hunt that can be apapted for routes, themes and duration and with optional finish with some of Valencia´s wonderfully tasty and varied tapas dishes and wine as the final destination to award the winning team prizes.


Our Valencia Team Treasure Hunt is a great way to explore the old town and uncover its many legends and hidden gems.

The teams are usually set at 4 or 5 participants each – we start at the central meeting point ( which can be your hotel if in or close to the old town. There the teams are given their unique start points and activity materials before setting off. Duration is usually around 2.5 hours excluding briefing and prize giving but can be modified depending your schedule. Typically some 25 challenge points will keep the team engaged solving riddles, retrieving information, finding people and places as well as being kept on their toes with our geo location “pop up” challenges!


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