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Bilbao Treasure Hunt

Bilbao Team Treasure Hunt

Bilbao is far more than its famous 7 streets – its a city which has for centuries defined itself by the fortitude of its Basque people.

It holds the historic category of township (villa), with the titles of “Very noble and very loyal and unbeaten” (“Muy Noble y Muy Leal e Invicta”). It was the 15th century Catholic Monarchs of Isabel & Ferdinand  who awarded them the title while a later Phillip III awarded the town the titles of “Very noble and very loyal”. After a siege in one of Spain´s many 19th century wars the title of “unbeaten” was added.

Today Bilbao is a thriving comercial and artistic part of the Basque Country – its Guggenheim just one example of a world class city by the sea and a perfect combination of old and new as you find its many secrets in its old town and along the historic Bilbao River.


The Bilbao city hunt runs along the mighty river – between the grand old basilica of Begoña who overlooks all and the Mercado Ribera and the San Anton bridge – within this there is a myriad of legends, clues to uncover, pinxtos to taste and so much more as the teams navigate their way to be the first to arrive at the final destination and claim the winning prize!

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