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Granada Treasure Hunt

Granada Team Treasure Hunt

Granada is that rare place that exceeds all expectations – far more than its UNESCO World Heritage Alhambra or 13th century old town – it is a place of wonder and beauty that brings travellers from all over the world – none are left disappointed.

Granada is steeped in its Moorish past – founded as a fortress and settlement by them it was the last of the Moorish Caliphs to fall to the conquering Spanish Christian armies in 1492.

The old town and Alhambra are the setting for a team treasure hunt to uncover its many secrets.

Teams will complete the routes that take in iconic places such as the Albaicin neighborhood, its many miradors giving bird-eye views of the city.

This in addition to the Sacromonte, San Jeronimo Monastery, Bib-Rambla square and the Alcaiceria market and Arab baths are just some of the places in your unique team treasure hunt activity.


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