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Malaga Treasure Hunt

Malaga Teambuilding Treasure Hunt

Malaga is one of the oldest cities in the world with close to three thousand years of history. 

The Phoenicians originally founded a commercial center here in early 7C BC, which they named Malaca. The name is most probably derived from the word Malac – to salt. The Greeks and Carthaginians were briefly present and further established Malaca as a trading post. In 3C BC the Romans conquered the city and a created a colony that was federated to Rome until AD81, whereupon it attained the status of a Roman municipality. The city was renamed Flavia Malacita and quickly grew in importance, with the port used to export oil, raisins, wine and salted fish and meat. Malaga’s port and the Roman amphitheatre were constructed during this time.

After a long decline since the end of the Civil War Malaga was to many visitors an airport and little else – this has changed dramatically in the last decade.

Today Malaga is one of the most dynamic cities in Spain, and now a global magnet for young professionals and start up companies.

Its is also the perfect location for a team treasure hunt that combines the young with the old.

And with 3,000 years of history to draw on including, Celts, Phoenicians, Romans, Visigoths Moors & Christians it is guaranteed to be an eye-opening and memorable team activity. 

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