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Sevilla Treasure Hunt

Seville Team Treasure Hunt

Seville is one of the three great cities that comprise the golden triangle with Cordoba and Granada of Andalucia.

It is one of the most important historical cities in Spain whose medieval heyday spurred the discovery of the New World in 1492. 

Today a bustling metropolis, the old town is the setting for our team treasure hunt.

Amid an area of 4 square kilometres lies no less than 3 UNESCO World Heritage including the imposing Alcázar, vast Cathedral and the hsitorical treasure of the General Archive of the Indies. 

The city´s motto of NO8DO meaning “She [Seville] has not abandoned me” is found everywhere for those that look.

Among the many challenges teams will be able to have fun, explore a truly beautiful city and as we go through the answers to find the winning team over some refreshing sherry and delicious tapas – a memorable team activity will reach its perfect end.

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