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Avila Treasure Hunt

Avila Team Treasure Hunt

The walled town of Avila, situated around an hour north west of Madrid is a Castillian jewel that leaves all visitors with a sense of having experienced something quite special.

Orson Welles famously wrote that it was the place he would most want to live, calling it a “strange tragic place”.

Created a UNESCO world heritage site nearly 40 years ago, Avila has all the ingredients hidden behind its 11th century walls for a unique team treasure hunt activity.

Indeed the history of Avila spans over 7,000 years, with its early Iberian settlement. By the times the Romans established it as an important fortress and trading settlement the town was already 5,000 years old!

From the many Roman sites, through to Visigoth temples and newly discovered Moorish temples Avila is a perfect place for the clue finders and history buffs who follow the routes through the cobbles streets and along the battlements to complete challenges and discover secrets of old Spain which stretch to the dawn of history.

Our Team Treasure Hunt starts with a fun activity briefing, the teams are formed and the challenges and activity packs given – and then its up to you to work together to solve riddles and work out clues to complete the route to our final destination of a warm log fire and Castilian delicacies with local wine to round off a memorable team outing.

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