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Cadiz Treasure Hunt

Cadiz Team Treasure Hunt

It is said that Cadiz is the oldest continually inhabited city in Europe.

Founded over a thousand years before Christ by Phoenicians from Tyre (modern day Lebanon) following the Trojan War!

Its history is marked by its strategic military and commercial location on the Atlantic Ocean on the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsular.

Over the course of its over 3,000 year history there is little it hasnt seen or experienced – reflecting all of human endeavours, achievements and tragedies.

Today it is a bustling Andalucian city where the old and the new sit side by side.

Its many narrow streets, sites, monuments and hidden corners are the perfect location to uncover its treasures for a unique team activity.   

And of course its many tapas eateries and bars a popular way of including in the routes and challenges to complete.

The routes can begin from any central location in the old town or port – a popular option is to include the famous Parador as a start or finish point and with the many points along the coastline and beach before entering into the labyrinth of the old town of Cadiz for a memorable team adventure. 

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